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Hello, Is Anybody There? 5 Industries That Need a Business Answering Service

There are several industries that could benefit from a business answering service—is yours one of them? 

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One of the most common customer service complaints is long wait times when they call a business.

When you’re a valued customer and you need urgent information, there’s nothing worse than waiting on hold, getting sent to a voicemail, or having your call drop out.

Phone Ringing

Why support a company that doesn’t take your call seriously?

If you run your own business, you know how important customer inquiries are. But how can you manage them all?

One of the best solutions is to set up a business answering service. Take the pressure off your staff and let an answering service handle your calls, 24/7.

Are you wondering which industries can benefit from business telephone answering?

1. Small Businesses

Business telephone answering is important for small businesses. Why? As a small business, you’re likely to have just a few employees and you may only be open part-time hours.

If you’re only open Monday-Wednesday, and a call comes in on Thursday, you’re likely to lose that customer if they don’t have the patience to wait for a callback.

Small Businesses

What if a customer needs urgent help? Unfortunately, they may turn to one of your competitors.

The costs of hiring a full-time receptionist to handle calls Monday through Friday can be expensive and not always possible for small companies on a tight budget.

As a more affordable alternative, set up a phone answering service for small business help. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind that your small business isn’t missing out on important phone calls.

2. Real Estate

If you’re in the real estate business, time is literally money. If you miss an important phone call from a potential seller or buyer, you could lose the commission if they take their business elsewhere.

Real estate agents, especially those who run their own company, are out of the office frequently. Weekends are busy with open days, and you often meet with clients and visit homes as part of the working week.

real estate business

When you’re visiting homes and clients, who is answering the phone? For urgent real estate inquiries, a voicemail service just isn’t enough— clients want to speak to a real person who can answer their urgent questions.

Install a business phone answering service for your real estate company so your business can thrive— once you know how to use it, your staff and customers will enjoy the convenience it offers.

3. Medical Clinics

In medical clinics, like your family doctor, dentist, or healthcare specialists, having a real person answer the phone is essential.

Patients call to make urgent appointments and don’t have time to wait around for a return call.

medical office

With medical clinics, privacy is more important than anything. There are a few disadvantages to voicemail— they can usually be listened to by anyone, so they aren’t the best for patient confidentiality.

They also can easily be deleted and lost, and patients may not feel comfortable talking about personal medical information to a machine.

If you run a medical center, consider an answering service so your patients are always able to get in touch. This can improve the reputation and quality of your clinic, as patients know they can always get in touch with someone to answer their questions.

It also helps patients get urgent information if they need a quick appointment for an emergency—such as a broken tooth or prescription renewal.

4. Law Firms

Law firms and attorneys are another industry that can benefit from business answering services.

When returning clients or potential clients call a law firm, they need information fast. They may be even urgent legal trouble, or just want to book an appointment or ask a question.

Law Offices

This is particularly true after hours, as clients may need legal help during evenings or weekends. Make it easier for them to get the information they need with the help of answering service.

Your clients will be treated with the professionalism and respect that they deserve. Best of all, they will never know that they are speaking to an answering service instead of a firm receptionist.

5. Contractors

Do you run your own contracting service, such as an HVAC company, plumbing business, or renovation company?

If you, you probably spend a lot of time on-site, visiting the homes of your customers to perform work. However, if you’re away from the office, who is answering the phones?


Your customers often need to reach you quickly, in case they need urgent help with a leaky basement or a faulty electrical system. With an answering service, they can reach your company easily to book an urgent appointment or reschedule, even if you’re on the road all day, doing jobs for customers.

With the complexities of HVAC systems and home repair jobs, it’s vital to find someone who can take accurate messages that can be passed on to you.

You need to know the make and model of their equipment, what the problem is, what spare parts are needed, and the details of the homeowner so you can be prepared for the appointment.

With an answering service, messages are always taken with accuracy and professionalism, giving you all the information you need to do your job.

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Are you in one of the above industries and ready to set up a business answering service for your company?

If so, great choice! Installing an answering service can lead to increased customer satisfaction, higher profits, and less pressure for your administrative staff.

Get started today and see the benefits it can bring your business. Our expert team looks forward to hearing from you and helping you set up an answering system to help with all the calls your business receives.

Contact us today to get started. For an affordable monthly cost, we can provide your business with a 24/7 answering service, staffed by highly trained and friendly operators.

We can patch through or transfer calls, plus we provide messages by email or text.

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