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Dental Answering Service | Try it One Week and You’re Hooked

If you’re like most dental offices, if you try an answering service for one week you’ll be hooked and wonder how you ran your business without it. Try it one week and discover what other dentist have, such as:

  • It pays for itself
  • Never miss a new customer opportunity
  • Get 15% more appointments scheduled
  • 24x7x365 quality patient support
  • Call overflow assistance

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In general, the average cost to use a dental answering service will be $0.74/call, or $79/month. Keeping in mind that almost 95% of call centers bill by actual time used, which is generally measured in 1 to 13-second increments.

Most answering service companies for medical offices will give you a free trial in order to give you an accurate quote of what ongoing services would cost. If you’re ready to be connected with call centers in your area, request free quotes today.

TipsSmart Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Dental Answering Service

  1. Do you offer flat rate billing (very uncommon these days)?
  2. Do you charge extra for holidays?
  3. How many second increments do you bill in (the lower the better)?
  4. Are you HIPAA compliant? How do you protect patient information?
  5. Do you offer a free trial?


Sometimes it can be hard to tend to each patient’s inquiry if you have many calls coming in each day with many of them going unanswered. This is where a telephone answering service comes in.

  • 24 Hour Phone Coverage
  • Live Time Message Delivery
  • IVR Solutions
  • Toll Free Numbers

Many dental offices rely on the help of a professional answering service to pick up the slack and help ensure that each patient is attended to.

telephone answering service for dentists

Dental Answering Service – Seize Each Opportunity

When you partner up with a professional telephone answering service, you can be sure that you’ll never miss out on a call again.

It’s vital that your loyal patients can get through to somebody when they call in, no matter how busy things are in the office when they call. An answering service will always pick up the call that you are unable to take.

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And if you’re trying to grow your dental practice, you know that any call from a potential new patient is a call worth taking. You don’t want to miss out on that call because your regular receptionist is already on the line with someone else.

You’ll never have to worry about missing an important message, whether it’s from a devoted patient or a new one, with an answering service always on the job.


A dentist answering service can offer your dental practice a number of important benefits. Perhaps most importantly, it can help to improve patient satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring that calls are always answered promptly and professionally. It can also help to free up your time so that you can focus on providing quality care to your patients, rather than having to answer the phone. In addition, a dentist answering service can help to improve your bottom line by reducing your operating costs.

How a Dental Answering Service Pays for Itself

A dental answering service will pay for itself by:

  1. Improving patient satisfaction and loyalty
  2. Freeing up your time to focus on patient care
  3. Reducing your operating costs

1. Improving patient satisfaction and loyalty

Your patients’ experience with your dental practice starts with the very first call they make to schedule an appointment or ask a question. If they reach a busy signal or voicemail, that’s not a good start. With a dentist answering service, calls are always answered promptly and professionally, which helps to create a good impression and build patient loyalty.

2. Freeing up your time to focus on patient care

By having a dentist answering service take care of your calls, you can free up your time to focus on providing quality care to your patients. You won’t have to worry about taking calls during appointments or while you’re working on complex procedures.

3. Reducing your operating costs

A dental answering service can help to reduce your operating costs in a number of ways. First, it can help to reduce the need for administrative staff. Second, it can help to save on phone expenses by eliminating the need for a dedicated phone line. Third, it can help to improve your appointment scheduling, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.

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Increase Productivity

Each call that comes through is an opportunity for you to build confidence in your patients and show them that they matter. Doing so will increase your revenue and keep your patients happy. But sometimes answering the phone is a distraction when other things are going on at the office.

If your whole staff has a meeting, if systems are down, or if it’s a particularly busy day, answering lots of incoming calls can throw your team off.

A telephone answering can help your people stay on task. They’ll filter your calls as they come in so your team can focus elsewhere if they need to.

24×7 Customer Service

One of the best things about a telephone answering service is that it can be relied upon to take calls 24/7. So whether you have an overflow of calls coming in or you want to receive calls after your regular business hours, this can quickly be done.

Many patients have high expectations, and some of them can be a bit demanding. If they’re having tooth pain or have broken or chipped a tooth, they want to get a hold of someone right away. An answering service provides a real person on backup, no matter the time, to retrieve information from the patient.

24x7 Customer Service

Reduce Dental Practice Overhead

Hiring more in-house staff members to take care of incoming calls can be expensive. You have the cost of their salary, as well as possible HR issues to deal with.

An answering service offers flexibility that full-time employees don’t provide. You can use the service as little or as often as needed and make changes to your usage as your needs shift.

If you opt for an answering service, you won’t need to pay for regular staff during hours, or possibly even days, where they aren’t required. An answering service can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Phone Messages Delivered the Way You Like Them

Answering services are there to streamline the communication between you and your patients. You choose how you want to receive all your messages, whether it’s by text message, fax, pager, or email. Being able to decide your preferences when it comes to patient communications is one of the many benefits of working with an answering service.

And of course, you can always make adjustments to your requests. You might decide to have some types of messages sent to you immediately via text message and others emailed to you to deal with when you have a spare moment.

Answering Service Agent

The Best Impression For Your Dentist Office

Even if you’ve been practicing for decades, giving an excellent impression to your patients is always important. Your relationship with every patient begins with their phone call when they attempt to make an appointment or ask questions about their care.

Having a telephone answering service in your corner helps you maintain an image of professionalism and care. It shows that you care about each patient and their call and that you’ve put effort into having a polite person on the other end of the phone to assist them.

HIPAA Compliant

When you go with a trusted, experienced answering service provider, you can be sure that all of the service staff, operators, and managers are fully trained to work in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH rules and regulations.

Patient information should never be sent through insecure channels such as text messaging. When you choose your answering service wisely, you can be sure that all of your patient’s sensitive information is being handled with care.

hipaa compliance

Discover the Best Dentist Answering Service Today

Now that you’ve learned about some of the many benefits of working with a telephone answering service, learn more about what we can offer your dental practice.

We’ve been helping with answering service solutions for many years and have served many dental offices just like yours. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with what our partners can do for you and your staff to lessen your load and help you run things more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more!

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