Do You Share Our Information With Third Parties?

Select Answering Service gathers information for the purpose of matching businesses with answering service needs with qualified suppliers. We recognize that your information is sensitive and restrict our collection of it to the critical data needed to deliver our service. Your information may be shared with up to 5 suppliers that match your needs. For more information please see our privacy policy.

How am I billed?

Most call center usage charges are calculated and billed on a calendar month basis. Aside from a small minimum monthly charge you will either be billed by the minute (most common) or by the call. For exact rate please request pricing in writing before moving forward.

Overall rate entirely depends on how many calls you receive and how long each call lasts. Pricing should be clearly laid out with no NO HIDDEN FEES. An Account Executive team works with you to estimate how many minutes you will use based on the number of calls you receive each day and how long is needed to spend working for each average interaction. They then then recommend an appropriate monthly plan. Billing works differently for dedicated staff. Click Here for Answering Service Quotes and Rates.

How Much is Your Service?

There are not fees for our service. We work directly with various affiliates and partners who will provide you free quotes based upon the needs you supply in our forms.

Do Call Centers Charge Extra On Holidays?

In order to provide you with an uninterrupted telephone answering service employees are required to work on all holidays and generally receive pay at time and a half (standard in the industry). As a result some may charge a very minimal fee for most nationally recognized holidays.

How do I Contact You?

You can email us at

How do I Get My Messages?

At the very moment the receptionist finishes taking messages they send them via email, text, or fax. Your messages may also be automatically posted to your online account and viewable 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Can We Have Custom Scripting?

Yes! Receptionist can ask as many questions or a few as required. Remember because it’s time based billing  and if your goal is to control cost you may want to limit messages to name, number and what the call is in reference to.

What Does “Call Patching” Mean?

Patching is when a live remote receptionist answers a phone call that requires transfer of the caller to the subscriber’s telephone. Some clients will have us take message for non urgent calls and transfer emergency calls or call from specific people. When patching is required, the receptionists will take details from the caller and then place them briefly on hold while they make contact (via phone) to the subscriber.

How Long Does it take to Set-Up a Live Answering Service?

Depending upon the complexity of the account, usually within 24 hours.

Are Their Long Term Contracts?

No. All agreements can generally be canceled with thirty (30) days written notice and there are no termination fees.

Do I Have to Purchase any Equipment?

No. Your phone company has built in features that allow you to quickly and easily forward all of your calls to virtually any number.

How do I Forward My Calls?

In most cases call forwarding requires you to select the line you want to forward and dial an access code (usually *72) followed by the number you want to forward to. Most local phone companies also offer “No Answer Transfer” and “Forced Ring Roll-Over” options. Call Forwarding is disabled by dialing *73. All mobile phones have different requirements for forwarding calls. For more information on how to forward calls to an answering service click here.

Do You Subcontract Service to Agencies Outside of the United States?

No, we never outsource your calls to any agencies outside of the US. We do partner with some US based operations in order to provide the ultimate support no matter what your needs or requirements may be, however these affiliates are carefully screened and reliable businesses.


FAQ August 29, 2012