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How Much Does a Whistleblower Answering Service Cost?

In general, the average cost to use a whistleblower answering service for fraud or harassment will be $0.88/call, or $74/month. Keeping in mind that almost 95% of call centers bill by actual time used, which is generally measured in 1 to 13-second increments.

Most answering service companies for medical offices will give you a free trial in order to give you an accurate quote of what ongoing services would cost. If you’re ready to be connected with call centers in your area, request free quotes today.

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TipsSmart Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Whistleblower Answering Service

  1. Do you offer flat rate billing (very uncommon these days)?
  2. Do you charge extra for holidays?
  3. How many second increments do you bill in (the lower the better)?
  4. Do you have experience answering complaint calls for fraud and harassment?
  5. Do you offer a free trial?

Hotline and Whistle-blower Services

SAS will provide you with state-of-the-art uninterrupted Whistle-Blower Service Hotlines for a small fraction of what you’d expect to pay. Enjoy customized call scripting features, after-hours and emergency call answering, professional live operators on holidays, nights, and weekends, and other affordable call center services. So whether you are looking for a flat rate phone Hotline service, or call screening we have solutions that will deliver the best service that is surpassed by none.

Over 50 Whistleblower Service Providers
Employee Hotline Services
Anonymous Whistleblower Outsourcing 

A whistleblower service helps to promote ethical and honest behavior that can ensure your employees feel safe and secure in their work environment. Get comprehensive uninterrupted Hotline and Case Management Services packed with an integrated solution to meet the unique demands of your business, regardless of size or industry.

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