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Whistleblower  Service – Anonymous Reporting For Fraud, Harassment, and More

OUR GUARANTEE: The lowest pricing for live telephone answering services and only the very best clear speaking receptionists.

Introducing low cost 24/7 Hotline and Whistleblower Compliance Services. SAS works around the clock to remotely answer and handle anonymous employee and customer relation matters in a private secure environment. Get affordable non-stop service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from trusted third party call centers that serve Americas top corporations, nonprofits, government and other institutitions. Professional Hotline Services will provide uninterrupted support on weekends, nights, holidays, or anytime that you need it.

SAS fully understands the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Complaint Hotlines requirements and will help provide continuous support without long term contracts and can quickly lower your overhead and substantially increase your efficiency while providing customer service that your meets or exceeds your competitors. We can assist with Fraud, anonymous tips, employee relations and much more.



Hotline and Whistle-blower Services

SAS will provide you with state of the art uninterrupted Whistle-Blower Service Hotlines for small fraction of what you’d expect to pay. Enjoy customized call scripting features, after hours and emergency call answering, professional live operators on holidays, nights and weekends, and other affordable call center services. So whether you are looking for a flat rate phone Hotline service, or call screening we have solutions for the that will deliver the best service that is surpassed by none.

Over 50 Whistleblower Service Providers
Employee Hotline Services
Anonymous Whistleblower Outsourcing 

A whistleblower service helps to promote ethical and honest behavior that can ensure your employees feel safe and secure in their work environment. Get comprehensive uninterrupted Hotline and Case Management Services packed with an integrated solution to meet the unique demands of your business, regardless of size or industry.

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