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How Much Does an Attorney Answering Service Cost?

In general, the average cost to use an attorney answering service will be $1.08/call, or $120/month. Keeping in mind that almost 95% of call centers bill by actual time used, which is generally measured in 1 to 13-second increments.

Most answering service companies for law offices will give you a free trial in order to give you an accurate quote of what ongoing services would cost. If you’re ready to be connected with call centers in your area, request free quotes today.

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As a lawyer or legal professional, every call is important and when you don’t connect with the first-time caller you risk losing the customer altogether. Inbound call centers for attorneys can answer your legal calls 24/7/365, schedule appointments, take accurate messages, and best of all your clients will never know they are speaking with a service.

TipsSmart Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney Answering Service

  1. Do you offer flat rate billing (very uncommon these days)?
  2. Do you charge extra for holidays?
  3. How many second increments do you bill in (the lower the better)?
  4. How do you protect our client’s confidential information?
  5. What is your experience with legal intake?
  6. Do you offer a free trial?


Powering an answering service fueled by compassionate, highly trained receptionists, our partner call centers ensure that callers, clients, and judges, never perceive the indifference that a voicemail exerts.

We know how important first impressions are and you should always be assured that only highly trained professional-speaking receptionists and virtual secretaries are answering your client’s calls. Instantly receive your messages by text to cell, email, or fax. A quality Attorney Answering Service will collect legal intake information and assist your clients while you’re in court, with clients or whenever you’re unavailable to the phone.

Law offices and attorneys tend to constantly have inbound calls for legal matters and those phone calls can often times arrive when attorneys and lawyers are busy, in court, or after hours. A professional attorney answering service will lower your overhead and substantially increase your efficiency while providing customer service that meets or exceeds your competitors. From personal injury law, criminal law, or general practice we have a solution for your law firm.


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Answering Service For Law Firms – Areas of Specialty

  • Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate Law
  • Divorce
  • Criminal Law
  • Accident and Injury Law
  • Traffic law
  • DUI & DWI
  • Personal Injury


SAS will connect you with the best Attorney Answering Service and state-of-the-art services for a small fraction of what you’d expect to pay. Never miss another call and enjoy customized call routing features, after-hours and emergency call answering, professional live operators on holidays, nights, and weekends, appointment setting, and other affordable call center services. So whether you are looking for a flat rate phone answering service, call screening, or call overflow we have solutions for the small business and fortune 500 companies that will deliver the best service that is surpassed by none.


Answering Service For Lawyers – Solutions:

  • Call Overflow
  • Disaster Recovery
  • SMS Texting
  • Lead Capture
  • 24 Hour Answering
  • Call Screening
  • IT Technical Support
  • Live Message Relay
  • Order Fulfillment
  • After Hours – On Call
  • Help Desk Support
  • Call Transfer Service
  • Call Screening
  • Event Registration
  • Message Handling Services
  • Literature Requests
  • Emergency Dispatching
  • Appointment Scheduling

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Select Answering Service is a 3rd party outsourcing website that connects businesses with suppliers that will bid for your business by offering their best prices. This process has proven to be highly effective at getting the best prices on call center services. The service is fast and always free.

Let us help you to find an unmatched value to any attorney answering service out there. Our affiliate’s receptionists will politely answer questions, set appointments, handle urgent calls, and even elicit a caller’s name and phone number.

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