Creating Customer Delight, Developing Strong Relationships

Creating Customer Delight, Developing Strong RelationshipsWhen you have an objective to create strong, long-term customer relationships, you have to do more than just deliver a service. Building a loyal customer base requires some effort, but you will find your journey most interesting as you learn to combat the challenges and make your way to success.

The words that you choose have a profound impact on your customer service outcomes. Small conversational twists can really work wonders to create a positive impression in your customers’ mind. For example, if a customer asks you a question and you do not know the answer, you may consider replacing your “I don’t know” response with “I will find the information and will get back to you as soon as possible”. This creates a sense of trust among your customers and they are more likely to feel confident about your service.

Show gratitude as you speak to your customers. The best way to express gratitude is to say “Thank You”, but you need to make sure that you sound genuine to your customers. When you say someone “Thank you for calling”, it might not sound as “Thank you for disturbing me”. Your approach should be authentic which means that you have to really mean what you say. You may express “thank you” in various ways. You may express gratitude through email and you may send out personalized cards to your clients on special occasions.

Take your communication to personal levels. For example, if you have come to know about a customer’s hobby through a casual conversation with him, you may want to send a surprise personalized gift to your customer to let him know that you really care about him and that you respect his opinions. You may send out a handwritten notecard to greet or congratulate your client for a special achievement that he would love to celebrate. You may refer to a past conversation to engage with your customers. For example, you may ask, “How were your Christmas holidays?” to let your customer know that you remember what they told you in your last communication and that you really pay attention to them.

Be creative and set up systems that will allow you to use your creative connection-builders on a regular basis. Making your customers happy once in a while is fine, but when you are able to do this every single time and day, you build a loyal customer base.

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