When it Comes to Customer Service First Impressions Last a Life Time

According to a recent study the first person a potential customer interacts with will have a lasting impact on their impression of your business. In fact 39% of consumers said they would avoid a business for more than two years if they had  a bad first experience and an alarming 79% of them were classified as high income earners. The results of this study are reported in the infographic below and reveal just how important good customer service really is. From the first phone call, to after purchase support – and beyond, consumers today simply will not tolerate a poor experience, and with so many competitors willing to try harder why should they?

Social media is being used by big players like Groupon and others to market for new customers on a fast and wide scale basis, but this same technology is what shoppers are using to destroy the reputation of businesses that don’t deliver acceptable service (warranted or not). Review sites are increasingly becoming the source for trustworthy opinions from recent customer experiences and you can bet a bad review will get posted long before a positive one. Check out the findings in the report below and share your thoughts with our visitors.

Customer Service Study 2015 Infographic

Offering 24/7 customer phone support for your business is a good start for a first impression but a good rule of thumb is sometimes first impressions can come from a second and third visit as well. Got any thought? Share them here.

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