Know How You Can Improve Your Interactions With Your Customers Over Phone

Know How You Can Improve Your Interactions With Your Customers Over Phone

Bad words spread more rapidly than good words. A customer who develops a negative impression about your company’s customer service standard is more likely to talk more about it compared to a customer who feels good about your service. However, if you still try to rectify a negative situation, your customers may forgive you and you may get another opportunity to serve them. With phone being one of the frequently-used media for client-communication, you may want to know how you can enrich your customer service standard over phone.

Good manners and politeness form the foundation of a strong customer service and this assumes greater importance when you talk to your customers over phone. Your customers can only feel your voice and they cannot see you when you talk over phone. So you should make sure that your language tone remains positive throughout your conversation, giving your customers a feel that you are listening to them and that you really care. Greeting your customers politely, revealing your name to them, and using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are ways to add personal touch to your interactions.

Your customers expect you to respond to their calls or address their queries as early as possible. Ideally, you should pick up a call before a third ring and respond to voicemail messages within 24 hours. Your customers call you because they have a problem that needs to be addressed and they think that you have a solution. So a prompt response from your side will make them feel relaxed as well as confident about your service.

Make sure that you use clear voicemail messages. Include an introduction and seek information from the caller and suggest a time when your callers can expect a call-back. You may conclude your message by directing your callers to your website and keeping them informed about special features, if any. Be cool, calm, and poised as you handle angry clients. Create a shield while letting your clients vent their anger and frustrations. Listen to them, offer them options, but do not make promises that you cannot fulfill. Stretching your limits does not work if you have unrealistic expectations to be fulfilled and if your company’s policies do not support such requests.

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