The Effectiveness Of Personalized On-Hold Music As An Answering Service Tool

The Effectiveness Of Personalized On-Hold Music As An Answering Service ToolWhen your customer comes up with questions that require you to do some research or connect to another executive who probably has answers to those questions, you are left with no other alternative than to put your customer on-hold till you are able to get back to him with the information he needs. While this may act as an opportunity for you to provide your client with the information that he is looking for, it may produce negative consequences as well. Who would appreciate a seemingly endless period of silence? Chances are that your customer may get a feel of uncertainty and may develop a negative impression about you and your company. You may choose to handle this situation by saying “We will get back to you” and by assuring them again and again that you will definitely contact them at some point of time. While this may allow you to send a comforting message to your customers, you may still look for better options.

Try incorporating custom on-hold music into your answering service and you may succeed in giving your customer a better experience. While answering services work professionally to make sure that they address the callers’ queries as soon as they can, but sometimes, situations may demand them to request their customers to wait till their needs are being addressed. On-hold silence may be a cause of frustration for some of your customers especially if they are calling you for the first time and have no knowledge of how reliable you are and how effectively you can solve their problems. Your customers may wonder if they would hear from you again as time seems to flow slowly and dullness sets in. This may put you at a risk of losing your new customer accounts. And of course, it is not a good idea to test the patience of your loyal, existing customers at the same time.

The degree of your customer responsiveness is determined by the degree of your availability. As you select appropriate on-hold music for your customers, you may want to enhance your company’s reputation by adding sales messages or cross promotion messages to it. This translates to the fact that you remain available even during hold times. Who knows you may even get orders for your new products after your customers learn about your new offerings from your on-hold music and messages. You may even deliver answers to some of the frequently-asked questions through your custom-hold music and this may allow your customers to skip your queue and get back to their schedule. While generic on-hold music may generate a pleasing experience, custom on-hold music will help you control your callers’ experience. You will choose the music that you think your customers will enjoy, you will incorporate appropriate messages, and then you may change any element if you like.

To sum up, custom on-hold music can be used effectively to instill a positive call atmosphere and companies that employ answering services or virtual receptionists to generate sales or support customer service should definitely consider investing in it.

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