Tips To Use Your Phone To Execute Conversion Marketing

Tips To Use Your Phone To Execute Conversion MarketingHello has been a powerful word ever since the telephone was discovered and used by people to connect for personal as well as professional matters. Today, when texting and emailing dominate the scene as the main modes of communication, phones still hold their importance with people still wanting to talk to each other to feel the personal touch. Your prospects and customers are more likely to trust you if you talk to them directly. Real voice is definitely more powerful than ‘digital voice’ and phone calls may generate desired outcomes if you are contacting a prospect for the first time. Simply put, you need to instill a personal touch in your communications if you are looking to convert prospects into paying customers.

Give your customers access to real human voice. People don’t appreciate if they are directed to the voicemail and most people will choose to hang up and they will never call you back again if they hear a recorded message for the first time. Your customers look for immediate gratification and if you are not able to give them that, you will lose business opportunities. If you think that you do not have adequate manpower to answer your phones in a professional manner, you may consider signing up for an answering service. This way, you will be able to introduce a human voice in your phone marketing activities which will help you position yourself as a trustworthy company in the market.

Customers appreciate prompt responses. When you hire a live answering service, your virtual receptionist will return calls to your prospects and customers on your behalf when you are away. Secondly, you may also use your cell phone to exchange messages with your customers while you manage other tasks. Simply put, prompt customer service is crucial to building a loyal customer base. Secondly, when you call your customers immediately, you are able to reach them before they contact your competitor. When you have a real person to answer your phone calls, your prospects may wait for a certain period of time to hear from you, but they may soon start contacting your competitors. In other ways, you need to return calls to your prospects promptly in order to maximize your sales probability.

Make sure that you keep an emergency contact in place so that your prospects and customers can reach you whenever they need to. Even a prospect who has been visiting your store or website without buying anything may become your customer if he is able to reach you during an emergency situation. You can handle emergency calls by hiring a virtual receptionist who will answer after-hours calls on your behalf. This way, you will be able to reach people whenever they need to contact you. In fact, your customers may rate your business on the basis of how you handle emergencies and once you prove to be “always available” and “trustworthy”, you may become the number one choice for your customers.

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