Phone Answering Service For Dentists

More Calls, More Smiles: Why You Need a Dental Answering Service

From dental emergencies to fielding calls from potential clients, learn why you need a dental answering service.

Businesses today are becoming more streamlined than ever before. They’re flourishing in customer service using the technological resources in today’s market.

You and your dental service could be thriving from the same thing. There are avenues you can explore to promote customer service.

It’s easy for your office to fall behind with the business side of things. Installing a dental answering service can prioritize business for your office once more.

Here are ways an answering service could change customer service for your office!

24x7 Answering ServiceOn-the-Spot Quotes

Customers are becoming smarter than ever now that they can have an answer in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to modern technology and communication services, a potential client can have quotes from 3 different dental offices within 10 minutes.

If your dental office doesn’t have a quoting service, they’ll move on from your practice. Simply put: having an answering service could be the difference in significant revenue.

More importantly, it’s crucial to set the expectation for all of your customers.

You don’t want them to have any unexpected surprises at the point of purchase. It risks their first appointment with you being their only appointment.

Even if your prices are a bit on the higher side, having an answering service quote that before they get to your office will give them time to weigh out the value.

They may hear the quoted price and opt for your service anyway. That will show that they see the incredible ROI for your particular dental services.

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Call Efficiency

Both your current and potential clients want their questions answered within a few minutes. Their days are busy, so they don’t want to spend much time on hold to get an answer from their dentist’s office.

Efficient Call Handling

Having a dental answering service will streamline this in a few ways…

First off, an answering service can be set up to answer certain questions without sending the client to an in-house employee at all (like hours of operation, appointment time, etc.).

Secondly, if someone at the answering service can’t answer a specific question, they can still send your customer directly to the employee/department that can best answer their request.

From there, your customers will have their answers within minutes. They won’t have to be placed on hold 2-3 times and feel like a nuisance.

Creating a central hub for your client communication will build a reputation for your brand as a hyper-responsive dental service. Having your clients know how much you prioritize customer service is a valuable thing.

Appointment Reminders

There’s nothing worse than having a client not show up for their dental appointment. It means your office isn’t getting planned revenue and production for that day.

It can also create tension between service and customers if they believe you to have verbally set up a different date with them for their check-up than what you wrote down. It’s a sticky situation and one that should be avoided at all costs.

Appointment Reminder Service

One way to avoid that from happening is through a dental answering service, which can be scheduled to call your clients ahead of their appointment.

You can have it set up to call them a day before or a few hours before their appointment is scheduled.

The communication between your customers and your office will drastically improve.

Person-to-Client InteractionIncreased Person-to-Client Interaction

Anytime you can have a person on the other line for your client, it will increase your communication, even if the person isn’t an in-office employee.

Customers want to feel that their message is being acknowledged by another human.

Having your in-house employees field each call could make the conversation feel rushed. Your employees already have enough on their plates.

Since that isn’t a viable option, getting an answering service team will give you the most ROI for your business.

Typically, you’ll find that customers don’t like leaving voicemails but they’re far more likely to leave a message with a person on the other line.

So if you can’t reach the phone, but you want to make sure to hear out all of the messages with your clients, the answering service can provide that for you.

Increased Knowledge of Your Operations

In this day in age your clients can find almost any information with your office’s operations online (such as hours, directions, etc.).

However, the fact of the matter is that some of your clients won’t want to find the information that way. A dental practice is one of the few business services that appeal to clients of any demographic.

In short, you’re going to have some elderly customers that aren’t as up-to-date with technology. So, they’ll opt to call in for details such as directions to your office.

Having a dental answering service will provide that communication to your clients so that your in-office employees aren’t stuck dropping their duties to field common questions.

The last thing you want is for a customer to end up on a wild goose chase for your office and/or showing up an hour before or after your hours of business.

It all plays a huge part in growing a relationship with your clients. They’ll opt for you every single time if you have an all-encompassing answering service that goes above and beyond.

Find the Best Dental Answering Service for Your Practice

You’ve undoubtedly seen the value in having a dental answering service, but it’s just as important to find the right service to partner up with.

Select Answering Service has a proven track record of success with offices just like yours.

Be sure to read this article on why you need an answering service for your office for more information on the benefits you’ll acquire.

For any other questions that you may have, please reach out via our contact page and we’ll be happy to discuss with you further!

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