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Real Estate Answering Service – Live Phone Message Support For Realtors

OUR GUARANTEE: The lowest pricing for Realtor answering services and only the very best clear speaking receptionists. 

An answering service for real estate agents and realtors can greatly benefit your company and we know the importance phone calls can make. As a realtor, your business needs to be represented professionally and properly.

Phone calls are time sensitive, and the nature of real estate inquires means that each call is time-sensitive and vital to the business. We can help with appointment scheduling and much more.


  • Alpha Paging
  • Daily Fax Services
  • Digital Paging
  • Call forwarding
  • Text to Cell
  • Automated Screening
  • Voice Mail
  • Call Recording
  • Toll Free numbers
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • MLS Listing Database
  • Hours 24/7/365

Regardless of why you might be seeking a remote receptionist service, chances are we have a plan that can be perfectly catered to you and your firm.

Each of our agents is continually trained and monitors to ensure they help your client just as you would. We’ll answer your calls with a high level of professionalism and expertise. Not only do we answer your calls, but behave as a support staff, ready to help you convert your calls into sales.

The benefits of a real estate answering service are endless:

  • Not only are you too busy to constantly monitor your phone lines, but your potential and current clients will be too busy to wait to speak to a human. With a real estate answering service, no call goes unanswered—even after hours, when no one is in the office.

  • Essentially, agents at a real estate answering service are virtual receptionists, in addition to a support staff. Being able to communicate continuously with callers can be the difference between losing a client and selling a home.

  • You won’t pay for anything but work. No company is alike and as such we offer multiple time based packages for varying call volumes. This ensures that no money is wasted.

  • We follow your lead. Our agents will greet your callers exactly how you want them to be greeted and delivered to you via a method that works best for you. We only answer questions we’ve been given permission to answer and follow a strict script agreed upon by you.

  • It makes you look professional – It makes you look well managed. Having a real person available 24/7 can contribute to the overall reputability of the company. It demonstrates how valuable the clients are to you.

A realtor answering service gives you more opportunity to focus on your agency. We know how important it is for you to be out in the field, showing people property and giving clients what they want. Which is why we take care of the crucial essentials that keep you busy in the meantime.

For a Realtor every call has the potential of being big money and just one missed call can result in the loss of thousands of dollars. Most real estate professionals are surprised to learn that a 24×7 Real Estate Answering Service can often cost less than $2 a day.


NO Contracts Lowest Rate Guarantee 24 / 7 Service

Real Estate Phone Answering Services Solutions:

Property Management Real Estate
Realtors Mortgage Lenders
Apartment Complexes Condominiums


We work with the best call centers that know and understand to real estate industry and how valuable a single call is. When you use a live Realtor answering service your calls will be answered in your or name exactly as you request. Operators will speak very articulately, take messages and either transfer the caller to your cell phone or the message deliver to you by text message, fax or email….it’s totally up to you.

We have helped many property management firms, apartment managers and real estate related business with their outsourced remote receptionist needs and chances are we have a perfect fit you. From Spanish speaking agents to an 800# and IVR setups we have an affordable solution and you can be fully confident that agents will answer every call quickly and with complete professionalism.

Agents can schedule appointments according to your requests and make each appointment time available to you in live time via a secure web-based application which allows you to spend more time taking care of your business. Need something else? Just ask, you’d be surprised at what a real estate answering service can do these days.


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