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5 Reasons Why Doctors Need Live Answering Services

Doctors aren’t always in the office, but patients should always receive prompt guidance. That’s where live answering services come in.

Patients rely on your office in their times of need, but what happens when they call after hours?

Some doctors staff extra workers to deal with after-hour phone calls and emergencies, but that added payroll costs affect your bottom line. Live answering services offer a better option to doctors who don’t want to add new employees or additional shifts for existing employees.

Live answering services save time and money while providing patients with a better call experience. If you’re struggling to deal with the number of phone calls your practice receives daily, a live answering service can help. Below, you’ll find five more reasons to consider signing up for a live answering service today.

1. Live Answering Services Are an Affordable Option

The average cost for a front desk receptionist at a healthcare office is $14 hourly. If you add benefits on top of that, you’re looking at a very expensive way to make sure calls get answered. Plus, a receptionist can only handle so many calls at once.

You may need two or three receptionists to ensure every call gets answered. Those added costs simply aren’t practical for most doctor’s offices. Phone answering services cost much less than new employees and guarantee every call is answered no matter what time of day the patient calls.

2. Answering Services Help You Care for Your Patients

Put yourself in one of your patient’s shoes. They’re calling your office early in the morning because it’s the only free time they have all day. They’re very sick and need to schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible. You haven’t gotten to the office yet, however, so their phone call goes straight to voicemail.

How would you feel if you were this patient? You wouldn’t feel like you were being taken care of. With an answering service, however, your patient would get their appointment scheduled whether you were in the office or not.

3. An Answering Service Can Help Increase Revenue

Patient satisfaction is important and can have a big impact on your bottom line. Studies have shown that businesses of all types can boost revenue by 4% to 8% by prioritizing customer service.

Medical answering services can boost patient satisfaction by ensuring their calls are always answered. Instead of losing patients to doctors who do have answering services, keep your patients satisfied enough to recommend your practice to their friends.

4. You Won’t Have to Train New Employees

With healthcare insurance being so complicated, it takes time for new employees to understand the industry enough to answer patient questions. Phone answering services for doctors provide professionals who know the industry and can answer any questions your patients may have.

Instead of having to train new employees until they’re familiar with your practice, you can get patient questions answered right away with a live answering service.

5. You Can Free up Your Time to Deal With Patients

When your waiting room is filled with patients, you and your staff don’t have time to be fielding calls from others. Let doctor phone services handle the incoming calls while you handle the patients who need your help now. With call routing features and processional live operators at hand, you won’t have to worry about the patients outside the office while you’re helping the ones inside.

Are You Ready to Save Time With a Live Answering Service?

Whether you’re hoping to be a more reliable healthcare provider for your patients or you just want to cut overhead costs, live answering services can provide you with the resources you need.

If you’re ready to add answering services to your office, contact the professionals at Select Answering Service today.

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