Top Ways To Make Cold Calls Work

Top Ways To Make Cold Calls WorkMaking a cold call is not an easy task for all. The idea of making cold calls instills fear in the mind of the caller as he puts himself into the shoes of the recipients and remembers how he got offended when someone else called him during a family lunch occasion to inform about a certain product. In this article, we have outlined some ways by which you can make cold calls work and we hope that you will like to try them out before you say “No”.

  • Identification Of Leads: When you make a cold call, make sure that you have identified your leads and that you call only those who actually constitute your target customer base.
  • Creation Of A Proper Plan: Block a specific time slot to make calls. Mornings or even after hours are the best times to make cold calls. And yes, you may make successful cold calls even during holidays.
  • Identify The Specific Objective Of Each Call: You cannot dedicate a single call to fulfill multiple objectives. This is the reason why you should plan your script in advance depending on your objective. For example, if you want to schedule a sales appointment, you will need to refrain from making a sales offer directly over the call. By sticking to the objective of your call, you will not only increase the probability of your success rate, but you will also be recognized as a busy professional by your target.
  • Create Proper Scripts: Your script should be simple and free from technical jargons. Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your call in an easy-to-understand language.
  • Manage The Middleman Tactfully: Middlemen appear in the form of receptionists or personal assistants and their job is to prevent unwanted calls from reaching your target. When a personal assistant receives your call, communicate with him in a polite but confident way. There are chances that you may end up leaving messages and your target will never get back to you. Nevertheless, you may still receive valuable information from the assistant. For example, you may check when you can call back in the morning or during the evening. As a matter of fact, owners and senior executives will come early and stay back late at office whereas receptionists and assistants have a fixed time for operations and they will work only within the allocated time. So there are chances that you will get a chance to talk to your target during early morning or the afterhours.

Making a cold call is all about conquering your fear. You are just a voice to people who receive your call. You may be treated badly by people, but they will not know you personally and will forget about you as soon as the call ends. Secondly, you play a number game when you do cold sales calls. The more you call, the better will be your chances of closing a sale.

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