Traits That Promote Excellent Customer Service Experience

Traits That Promote Excellent Customer Service Experience

No matter how grand your company’s offerings are and how brilliant your staff is, your customers are more likely to evaluate your company on the basis of the direct interactions they have with your company’s customer service executives. In simple terms, your customer service team is the face of your company and your relationship with your customers is defined by the quality of the support your customers receive from your team.

A smart company will always be looking for ways to improve the quality of its customer service. With the skills of the customer service staff playing a prime role in defining service quality, a company should focus on staff training to help its employees develop appropriate customer service skills. A customer service executive should have empathy, persistence, and consistency. He may need to deal with customers who may be chatty or irritated or who may be asking too many questions. The executive needs to know how to manage all of these customers while still being able to provide the same standard of service. Every customer has a different persona and he may express different moods at different times. A good customer service executive should be able to handle surprises, sense a customer’s mood, and act accordingly.

A customer service executive should have excellent communication skills and he should be able to convey what he is actually trying to convey. Ideally, he should use positive language and stay cheerful regardless of the customer’s behaviour and end a conversation only if the issue gets resolved. An efficient customer service executive knows how to manage his time and he knows how to manage situations that require him to allocate considerable time to one customer when others are waiting in the queue.

The reason why customers contact customer care executives is to get knowledge about a company’s products and services. Hence, customer service executives should have proper knowledge about the company’s offerings which will allow them to respond to customers’ enquiries in an appropriate manner. However, there may be instances when an executive may struggle to provide a suitable explanation and under such circumstances he should have the courage to state, “I do not know”. Customers are more likely to appreciate honesty and an executive’s efforts to look for the right answer.

At the end of the day, the customer is always right. A customer service executive is smart if he has a thick skin. He should be able to tolerate harsh behavior and accept blame and negative feedback. So when your team works directly with your customers, they should act keeping in mind the customers’ satisfaction.

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