Why an Answering Service Is the Cornerstone of Your Customer Engagement Plan

Why an Answering Service Is the Cornerstone of Your Customer Engagement PlanMost businesses underestimate the power of communications and customer service. For many, it ends with a website and phone number during working hours. However, a good answering service that can take calls around-the-clock is integral to your long-term communication plan.

It can take your business that extra mile in terms of keeping customers and clients satisfied while bringing in new ones. Having a dedicated service to engage with customers shows them that they are your priority.

Studies have shown that even if customers are dissatisfied with a product or service, they appreciate having an avenue to express their grievances. A good answering service can help customers through a problem, offer troubleshooting for technical issues and give guidance on returns and refund policies.

Customers who experience poor service often stay away from that business for a couple of years. But customers who see that you have a good system in place to handle their queries and problems are much more likely to give you a second chance and engage with you to find a mutually acceptable solution for their problems.

An answering service can come in handy to several types of businesses.
It can be useful for start-ups that do not want to hire additional staff, and thereby increase their overhead costs and expenses, just to handle customer service.  Operators at an answering service are trained to handle a variety of situations and customers with patience and skill.
They are also useful for sales teams that want to keep tabs on each customer or potential customer who calls. An unanswered call is a missed opportunity. Having an answering service that works all hours allows a sales representative to follow up and make a new business deal.

A 24×7 answering service allows doctors and lawyers to keep in touch with patients and clients, particularly during emergency situations. It also reassures patients and clients that they can count on their doctor or lawyer at any hour of the day.

It has been shown that customers are willing to pay more for good service. Investing in an answering service is part of a profitable business plan. There are several options within an answering service that you can choose from to customize it to suit your needs. The best part is that your clients and customers will no longer have to hang up disappointed.

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